Garden gates and fences

Customised designs tailored to the needs of the project or to your tastes

Our garden gates complete the perimeter enclosure of residential plots. They can have hinged or sliding mechanisms and be operated manually or automatically with remote control. Our garden gates offer convenient access for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Our garden fences separate the grounds of the property from the street or from neighbouring properties. They turn your garden, swimming pool or patio into a private area of relaxation.

METÀL·LICS CABRATOSA we manufacture garden fences from different types of metal, offering you a customised design tailored to your tastes or to the needs of your project.Your home will stand out for its elegance thanks to our customised garden gate and fence combinations.


  • Smooth sheet metal, micro-perforated sheet metal, die-cut sheet metal (square holes, round holes, laser-cut forms)
  • Bar gates
  • Accordion folding gates
  • Bar fences (framed or projecting bars)
  • Accordion folding fences.

of our garden gates and fences

Security and protection systems

Security fittings, FR systems, anti-theft systems, etc.

Design and finishes

We offer expert advice and design to manufacture the right windows and doors for our customers.

Wide range of materials and accessories

RANGE OF MATERIALS. Carbon steel, weathering steel, stainless steel, aluminium.


  • Electric lock for intercom
  • Spring-loaded door closing device
  • Letterbox
  • Street number
  • Automated mechanism with remote control